Installing NAS on Windows 2008

User Account Control in Windows 2008 surely has it’s benefits. But it really has some down sides also.

When You install the Application Server (NAS) on a w2k8 logged in as a user which is local admin (but not logged in as administrator) everything looks just just fine. The install finishes with no errors. The problem starts when You try to start up the NAS. Even though You are local admin on the server  the install will fail to update the Windows Register with information about ntimer.dll (and probably some other automation controls). This will result in that You get an error when You start start the NAS. What bugs me is that there is no message shown during the installation that there was an error registering the automation control.

The solution is to completely uninstall NAS (it’s not enough just to repair) and install again as administrator. Unfortunately it’s not possible to right click on an msi-file and choose ”Run as administrator” like You can do on an exe-file. What You will need to do is open a command prompt as administrator and start the msi-packaged from there if You like me go directly on the msi-files instead of the big setup.exe

So what we learn from this is to allways install as administrator when running Windows 2008

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